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Conclusion for Catcher in the Rye Essay

1. Restate thesis
·      ______ and _________ are two of the symptoms of teenage depression that Holden Caulfield exhibits.
·      Through the symptoms of __ and ___, Holden demonstrates that he is a troubled young man who suffers from depression.
·      The symptoms of teenage depression that Holden Caulfield exhibits are common from teenagers suffering from this disorder. 

2. Summarize your two symptoms from your body paragraph in 1-2 sentences
·       Holden’s _______ and his _________ are both evidence that Holden is a depressed young man.
·       Write 1-2 summarizing the points from your body paragraphs à show how the points in your paper fit together.

3. Concluding sentence – leaves the reader something to think about
·      Even though Holden is a fictional character, he represents the depression that many teenagers in the United States, and beyond, experience.
·      Many of the symptoms of depression that Holden experiences are also shared by teenagers throughout the world
·      Thankfully, in real life, teenagers suffering from these and other mental health issues can get the help that they need and recover from this disorder.
·      Depression is a serious psychological problem that affects millions of teens in America, and it is often literary figures that remind us of this/bring this to mind.
·      Is Holden a true symbol of teenage depression?